Products – Tailor-Made in Germany

In our market, there exists no standard product: each application is as individual as our customers. The good news is that we have the experience required to produce the best solution for every application. TANTEC has the knowhow, the flexibility and the passion to manufacture products from Tantalum according to your specifications. Our claim is to always offer you the best solution.

Due to its ideal properties, Tantalum is a fantastic material for a wide range of use. Wherever production processes necessitate the use of Tantalum, TANTEC components are the first choice. And every solution is an individual, customised solution, based on your process requirements alone.

At the same time we manufacture all the products – heat exchangers, equipment and other components – according to industry quality standards, and ensure that no requests go unfulfilled in terms of cost and functional reliability. TANTEC manufactures your individual equipment out of Tantalum – solid, welded, lined (loose lining, with countervacuum system, explosion-clad). Your requirements are the only determining factor.

Tailor-made in Germany means that we do not only develop the desired equipment and components for you but also that we take over all intermediate steps. This can be achieved only due to the high level of knowledge and skills of our employees. For this reason, we are certified for the complete manufacturing process.