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As the leading company in processing and treatment of Tantalum, TANTEC sets the standard for quality. Each component…


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As an internationally active company Tantec Group and its partners are the right place to start when dealing with tantalum

Tantec Products

Shell & Tube Tantalum Heat Exchangers

We manufacture a diverse variety of shell & tube heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

Hairpin heat exchangers

This type of construction will be used for condensers or in case a double-sided corrosion resistance execution is required.

Bayonet Heaters

Generally used in evaporative processes, this type of heat exchanger is also available for vertical or horizontal installation.

Tantalum heating / cooling coils

We can also manufacture heating and cooling coils for you, in accordance with your specifications.

Vessels, Columns and Accessoires

Vessels, columns and associated accessories may also be manufactured from tantalum, plated with tantalum and even explosion bonded with tantalum.

Tantal service and repair parts

From the smallest turned part, to nuts and bolts, to curved discs and support plates – we manufacture everything you need when conducting service or repairs.

Measuring technology components

We also manufacture a diverse range of components in the area of measuring technology, for use in measuring devices in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Semi-manufactured parts for the jewelry designer

Because of its interesting coloration the material Tantalum was also discovered by jewelry makers.

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Service worldwide

At Tantec, our service is customer support from the very beginning, and extends through the consulting stages, to the completion of the component…

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Learn more about tantalum, its characteristics, myth and our conflict free sources of supply…

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As an internationally active company, we have the necessary certifications/accreditations…
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Home of Tantalum

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