Tantec Philosophy

Say what you do and do what you have said

This is Georg Raab‘s motto who has been working with tantalum since the end of his apprenticeship in 1976.

Tantec GmbH is the only company worldwide specializing exclusively in the production of components and equipment made of tantalum. This, in conjunction with the fact that we exclusively produce in Germany, is the basis of our extraordinary quality standard which has made us world market leader.

This fills us with pride. However, it is also an obligation towards our customers, suppliers, colleagues and all who know us. We now have to consolidate what we have achieved, define further goals and not to lose sight of our actual mission and to fulfill it: “To create and build the best equipment made of tantalum that money can buy“.

Extraordinary performance can only be rendered if you focus on one single task. This means for us: the focus on processing tantalum. Only what I do on an everyday basis I am sure to master. And only when I master all the details the end result will be perfectly whole.

This applies to the factory but also to the technical and commercial areas. The construction of a component made of tantalum differs in content and detail from the construction of a component made of another material. Here, too, the motto “think tantalum“ applies and must be implemented.

That‘s what we do at Tantec – every single day!


However, we have to achieve economic success as well. Economic success secures the investments that must be undertaken to enable further innovations. We have invested a lot of money into our new premises in Tantalstrasse in Gelnhausen. This “Home of Tantalum“ is unique and dedicated solely to tantalum, its myth and to the people who process this wonderful material.

But economic success is also the basis of our social commitment. Many national and international organizations rely on companies being willing to give. All this has the purpose to make our world a little bit better.

People who are privileged are obliged to help others who need support. This applies to the direct environment, to families, cities, communities and the country. But we must also assume responsibility on an international stage. That is what we do at Tantec by conviction.

Georg Raab
Managing Director Tantec GmbH