Our Quality – Your Guarantee

As the leading company in processing and treatment of Tantalum, TANTEC sets the standard for quality. Each component produced by us is subject to the most stringent quality control measures.

Not only does this involve step-by-step process inspections and final inspections, but incoming components inspections of our semi-finished goods also play a decisive role in ensuring the quality you expect. Our pressure equipment is naturally subjected to pre-inspections and final inspections by the relevant accredited monitoring organisation, determined by you. Moreover, it would be a pleasure for us if you as our customer will conduct your own quality inspection in our manufacturing facilities – because in the end, for us that means another satisfied customer with a “first class component.”

In contrast to most companies, TANTEC exclusively works with Tantalum every day

During the manufacture of your component, process inspections with helium leakage testing, dye penetrant inspections and x-ray inspections are everyday standards at TANTEC. In compliance with your wishes we also realize Eddy current measurements to inspect the thickness of walls, and additional x-ray inspections of the welding seams of Tantalum joints.

In contrast to most companies, TANTEC exclusively works with Tantalum every day. This is reflected in outstanding quality, as our employees do not have to constantly deal with a diverse range of material properties. Added to that is a manufacturing facility optimally equipped to manufacture with tantalum.

And, as ever, TANTEC is also the leader in the application of auxiliaries. Our argon gas facility permanently guarantees the highest possible quality. This once again stated that the quality of our Tantalum welding joins exhibits a decisive advantage over our competitors.

Our employees undertake regular training and professional development programs – developed specifically for processing this highly valuable and rare material – and thereby underline our efforts in striving to be the best.