TANTEC Service

Individual planning, individual manufacturing, individual service

Service is not only a slogan for us. At TANTEC, our service is customer support from the very beginning, and extends through the consulting stages, to the completion of the component, and to its maintenance in operation. From supplies of replacement, semi-finished or turned parts, to the smallest screws and nuts, the servicing of components on site or in our workshop, and the recycling of raw materials at the end of a long usage cycle of your components – TANTEC is always the right place to start.

At TANTEC, only one thing counts: That you, our customers, are satisfied. We like to demonstrate this high level of customer orientation on a daily basis – challenge us!

We develop individual solutions to your requirements in close consultation with you. With our many years of experience, we are in a position to be able to optimise your project in terms of materials selection and design. A manufacturing process customised to the specific requirements of processing Tantalum ensures expert workmanship of the highest quality.

Focus on reliability

It’s about product and manufacturing reliability, but also about process liability in your facilities. Entrust TANTEC with your Tantalum projects for heat exchangers, equipment and components, to be on the safe side in every regard – including both the product and the material.

Wherever reliability is concerned, knowhow is needed. TANTEC has this knowhow, and also has the required certifications to be able to deliver your solutions in an expert manner.

Due to a comprehensive stock of semi-finished Tantalum products, TANTEC is able to guarantee you the highest level of supply security, and short delivery times. The high level of personal responsibility of TANTEC employees is supported by our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.